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Appropriate Library Behavior Policy

Schroon Lake Public Library

Appropriate Library Behavior Policy


The Board of Trustees is committed to providing an atmosphere where people of all ages may come to read, browse, do research, or study.  This policy permits quiet conversation between patrons and/or staff members, or conversation required to carry on library programs or business.  It is designed to preserve a reasonably quiet atmosphere where library patrons may use library services and materials without disturbance.


Unacceptable behavior includes any activity that disturbs others, interferes with library operations, and/or damages the building, property or furnishings.  Rudeness, profanity and any other behavior generally considered inappropriate in a public place is also deemed unacceptable.  To ensure the comfort and safety of staff and patrons, and to maintain order in the library, the following actions are not permitted in the library:


  • Eating and drinking is restricted (Please refer to the Schroon Lake Public Library’s Food and Drink Policy.)
  • Using a cell phone or pager (Cell phones and pagers are permitted on the premises, but they must be turned off.)
  • Using or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Smoking, chewing, or other tobacco use
  • Entering the library without shirt, pants, and footwear
  • Wearing strong perfumes or colognes
  • Loitering on the premises, including sleeping
  • Canvassing for petitions, nomination papers, or other purposes
  • Soliciting or surveying, unless authorized by the Library
  • Bringing animals into the Library (Service animals and animals used in Library programming are permitted.)
  • Destruction or theft of library materials or property
  • Threatening, harassing, or intimidating language or behavior
  • Possessing a weapon or exhibiting any instrument in a threatening manner.


Patrons are expected to maintain an acceptable standard of personal hygiene.  Creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition, including unpleasant body odors and infested clothing or personal effects, is unacceptable.


To provide an orderly and pleasant environment, library staff is authorized to determine whether a library patron is not in compliance with this policy.  The Library reserves the right to respond to any and all conduct not expressly set forth herein but which is deemed by library staff to unreasonably interfere with the use of the Library by other customers or interfere with the performance of duties.


The Library Director may issue a verbal warning to any patron who violates these rules and regulations.  Any patron who continues to violate these rules and regulations may temporarily or permanently be denied to privilege of access to all Schroon Lake Public Library facilities.  A patron whose privilege has been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Library Director, the President of the Board of Trustees, or the Policy Committee.  Appropriate law enforcement authorities will be notified promptly of any unlawful activity.





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