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eReader Policy

 Schroon Lake Public Library eReader Policy


Checking Out:

 Only permanent, established, Schroon Lake Public Library cardholders age 18 or over may check out an eReader.  Patron’s card must be in good standing (i.e. library account is not blocked due to: unpaid fees; lost material; or expired).  The check out limit is one eReader per household at any give time.  The Library reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who abuses equipment or is repeatedly late in returning eReaders.

A patron will need to complete an “eReader Agreement” at initial checkout, acknowledging financial responsibility for damaged equipment.  At that time a copy of the eReader Policy will be handed to patron.  Signed eReader policies will be kept on file in the library.

  • eReaders can be checked out at the circulation desk from 10:00 a.m. until one half hour before the library closes.
  •  eReaders must be returned in person to the Schroon Lake Public Library one half hour before the library closes.
  •  eReaders cannot be returned in bookdrop.
  •  eReaders are checked out for 14 days with 1 renewal available.
  •  Once an eReader is checked out to a patron, the eReader becomes the responsibility of that patron as per the eReader Agreement.
  •  Library staff will verify that the eReader is in good working order at time of checkout.

Checking In:

  •  eReaders must be returned to the circulation desk at least 30 minutes before closing.
  • Library staff will check in the eReader and verify the eReader is in operating condition.
  • Library staff will do a visual check to ensure that the following items are returned in good condition:
  1. Carrying Case
  2. Power Adapter
  3. Quick Start Guide

Fees and Liabilities:

Late return fees are $2 per day that the library is open.

The patron is responsible for full replacement cost if the eReader or any parts are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned.

If any technical problems are encountered, the eReader should be returned immediately to the circulation desk.

Schroon Lake Public Library eReader Agreement

Kindle (#__________)  barcode___38787____________________________

Nook (#___________)  barcode ___38787___________________________

My signature below indicates that I am 18 years of age or older and have read the eReader Agreement and the eReader Policy and that I agree to abide by these conditions of use when checking out an eReader from the Schroon Lake Public Library.

  •  I agree to accept full responsibility for the eReader while it is checked out to  me.
  •  I will not tamper with the eReader, accessories, and digital books, attempt to load digital books, or attach any equipment not designed for use with the eReader.
  •  I will not place the eReader in the bookdrop, but will return the eReader and all accessories to the Schroon lake Public Library Circulation Desk.  If Ii place the eReader in the book drop, I will be subject to financial penalties and will not be allowed to check out an eReader in the future.
  •  I will pay a late return fee of $2.00 per time period if I fail to return this eReader to the Schroon Lake Public Library by the date due.
  •  I accept full financial liability for the eReader and accessories, while in my possession.
  •  I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to, loss of, or theft of the eReader while it is checked out to me.

Kindle Fire………$199.00,  Kindle Power Cord….$25.00,  Kindle Cover……  $14.00 Nook Color……..$170.00,   Nook Power Cord….$25.00,   Nook Cover $30.00

  • I acknowledge that failure to pay any amount owing will be considered an outstanding debt to the Schroon Lake Public Library and will be added to my library record.
  •  I agree that failure to comply with any of these rules and guidelines will result in the loss of the privilege of borrowing an eReader.

Patron Name:________________________________________________________________________

Patron Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Patron Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

Patron Library Card Number: ____________________________________________________________

Date:  ______________________________

Staff Initials:  ________________________

Schroon Lake Public Library Checklist for eReader Checkout and Return

Kindle (#_____________)              barcode___3787___________________________

Nook (#______________)              barcode ___3787___________________________


Checkout List:  Patron, please check items present at time of checkout:


 ___________  Case

____________Power Adapter

____________Quick Start Guide

Checkout list: Staff, please check  items at time of checkout:

 ________________Reader is functional/No Damage

________________Reader is Charged

________________Patron signed eReader Agreement and copy of eReader policy was provided to patron (for first time eReader borrowers)


Checkin List:  Staff, please check items present at time of return and initial:


 ___________eReader is Functional/No Damage


___________Power Adapter

___________Quick Start Guide

Adopted 6/19/2012

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