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Food and Drink Policy

Schroon Lake Public Library Food and Drink Policy

The Schroon Lake Public Library strives to maintain a pleasant, welcoming and comfortable environment for our patrons.

General Guidelines:

  • Light, non-aromatic, pre-packaged snacks that are not damaging to the collections or distracting to others are permitted in the library
  • Non-alcoholic drinks with secure lids are permitted
  • Dispose of any food and drink-related trash before you leave
  • Report any spills that may occur to library staff immediately
  • Library staff will have final approval over any sort of beverage container or food item permissible in the library and reserve the right to exclude any container or food item for any reason.

Food and Drink and Computers

  • No food or drinks are permitted at any computer workstations.
  • Patrons may be responsible for damage to computer equipment from spills and messes.

Users violating this policy will be asked to remove the food and drink from the area.  Unattended food and drink may be discarded by library staff.


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