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Unattended Child Policy

Schroon Lake Public Library Unattended Child Policy

In accordance with our mission, “To promote and enrich the lives of our patrons, the Schroon Lake Public Library seeks, through its presence in the community, to be a conduit of educational, recreational, and information material for children and adults,” the Schroon Lake Public Library welcomes individuals of all ages to use the Library and its services in a secure and friendly environment.

Parents and guardians, not library staff, are responsible for the care, behavior, and supervision of their children while using the Schroon Lake Public Library and on its property.  As the Schroon Lake Public Library is a public place, the Schroon Lake Public Library Board of Trustees has adopted the following policies regarding unattended children:


  • Children 8 years old or younger, who are using the Library’s resources or participating in a Library program, shall at all times be accompanied and adequately supervised by a responsible adult.  A responsible adult is defined as a parent, guardian, teacher, or assigned caregiver over the age of 16.
  • Children over the age of 9 years old may use the Library unattended for a reasonable period of time, provided they are able to maintain proper Library behavior.  Children must have the telephone numbers of their parents, guardian, or other responsible adult, who can be contacted to come and pick up the child in case of a health emergency or other special circumstance.
  • Parents are advised that, even in their absence, they are legally responsible for their child’s behavior.  The Library is not responsible for unattended children in the building or unattended children that leave the library’s premises.

Disruptive Behavior

  • If an unattended child behaves in a disruptive manner, they will be given a warning to correct their behavior.
  • If the child continues to be disruptive after this warning, the Library staff may, at their discretion, contact a responsible adult and ask the child to leave the Library.  A staff member will remain with the child until the adult arrives.
  • If a responsible adult cannot be contacted within 15 minutes, the Library reserves the right to contact a Law Enforcement Agency for assistance in order to preserve the Library’s operations and/or protect the interest of the child.

Library Closings – Regular Closings

Parents must be aware of the Library’s hours and must arrange to pick up their children by closing time.  If an unattended child is still in the Library at closing time, the Library staff will act according to the following guidelines:

  • Children ages 16 and under will not be left on the Library unattended after Library Hours
  • Library personnel will not, under any circumstance, transport or escort a child to any location off the premises.
  • Library staff will make every reasonable effort to assist the child in contacting a parent or responsible adult 15 minutes prior to the Library closing.
  • At least two staff members will remain with the child up to 15 minutes after the Library closes and continue to assist in contacting a responsible adult.
  • The Library reserves the right to contact a Law Enforcement Agency to request assistance when no responsible adult can be reached.
  • Two staff members will wait with the child until a responsible adult or Law Enforcement Agency arrives to pick them up.
  • If the child leaves the premises prior to the arrival of a parent or responsible adult, a Law Enforcement Agency may be contacted to protect the interest of the child.


Library Closings – Emergency Closings

  • Sudden emergencies, including, but not limited to, lack of heat, loss of electricity, or inclement weather, may necessitate the Library to close without warning.  Parents/guardians and children should make a plan in advance, so children know what action to take in the event of an unexpected closure of the Library.
  • If a child is left unattended during an emergency closing, the Library staff will follow the guidelines outlined for Regular closings.



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